Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Bigger Boy

Talk about overwhelming.. This is the fifth time I have sat down to write this post and I just can’t do it! (Not to mention the fact that I am frequently interrupted :) Aed has just grown so much and there is so much to tell.. How to sum it all up in text form??.. Here goes nothing..
Well, it’s official. We have a two year old. It is also official that I love him to pieces, but that’s to be expected.

We are having so much fun with our little guy, and I have to say, turning two is WAY more fun than turning one :) I can only imagine how much fun three will be.

As of this very day, Aed is full of toddler energy. He loves to ‘Wun, wun, wun!’ be it inside or outside, and likes to dictate who is running ('Daddy wun') and who is walking ('Aed just walk') whenever we are walking home (including the buggy :). He LOVES being outside still and has a total meltdown if he doesn’t get to go on a walk each day. He goes ‘Up, up up!’ and ‘Down, down, down!’ the hills in the field. He never just says ‘up’ or ‘down’ once.. always three times.. which I'm pretty sure is my fault, but I'm cool with that.

He is absolutely obsessed with all things vehicular, which you will see below from his birthday party, but he is deeply, madly, paralyzingly in love with Bob the Builder. We got him a set of 20 little books for his birthday and that is all we read all day long. Over and over and over. He knows every book pretty much by heart and can give you the main lines on each page. He is a dedicated little child.

At the end of every day, I can always count on finding a line of cars right about there on the counter.

He has finally turned a corner at mealtimes and is using utensils on his own! Woohoo! He is super messy, but it’s awesome to not have to sit and help him the whole time. It was totally like you hear things happening too.. one day he just up and did it. I’m hoping potty training will go like that too :).

I love love love the way he talks. His cute little high-pitched voice commenting on everything all day long with his little two-year-old pronunciations. He’s getting better though, which is fun and sad, as things like ‘thank you’ and 'yellow' and 'car' really sound like that now instead of ‘dee doo’ and 'yahyee' and 'dog' (we still don't know why he pronounced car 'dog'). And he is also finally figuring out how to sing. This comes naturally to some (most?) kids, and given that I sing all the time you’d think it wouldn’t have taken him so long, but it’s been really fun in the last few weeks to watch him figure out how he can move his voice in song.

These few paragraphs totally don’t do him justice, but how could they? To avoid the risk of stopping again, I’m going to give up trying to tell you about all of his cuteness (and try harder to write things down as they happen!) and move on to his birthday fun from a few weeks ago.

On his actual birthday, we had a little family celebration with gifts and cupcakes. When he woke up in the morning, we had a big surprise ready for him – his new tricycle from Nena and Papaw!

He is hilarious with this thing. I think most of the time he thinks it should do more than it does, so he gets really mad at it, but can’t tell anybody what he wants it to do :). But he does enjoy attempting to push the pedals and getting pushed on it.

It was so much fun getting him gifts this year, because we knew what he would really like. I made the mistake once again of making him cupcakes though.. the kid just cannot handle cupcakes very well. He did actually like them though, which was an improvement over last year :).

We got him to sort of blow out the candles, but then he reached for them and we all freaked out, so he decided he didn’t want anything to do with them. Now, though, when he sees any kind of candle (even my big decorative ones) he says, ‘Turn on happy birthday?’ ‘Sing happy birthday?’ ‘Blow out candles?’

 I love this picture. It totally looks like he is praying over that cupcake, but he just couldn’t figure out how to eat it! He doesn’t like getting sticky stuff on his hands (also a repeat problem from last year) and kept trying to pick it up without touching the icing. He wanted to eat it so badly, but he finally gave up and sat there like this for a while until I showed him how to eat it with a fork.

Once he figured out what was up with the gifts, he was all over it..

It was so cool to watch him get excited.

This little set of cars had the beloved double decker bus in it and is still currently one of his favorite things to play with. And you can see the Bob the Builder books there in the background.

It was a very fun day. It’s hard to believe he’s two, and yet it feels like enough has certainly happened to amount to two years!

Up next, the BIG birthday bash!


  1. He is just such a cutie! I love the cupcake-pondering shot, too. What a fun age! After all the effort you had to make to get this posted, know that Cameron and I enjoyed reading it. He wanted to know all about what Aed was doing in each picture. :-)

  2. Thanks Kristin! That's so fun that Cameron read it with you! :)