Friday, September 30, 2011

Let's Just Go Ahead..

And make a week of it!

I mean why not? 6 straight days of blog posts? OK! But that means I have a good excuse if I skip a few days now :)

This one is going to be fun if you like pictures of cute boys..




'Aedster, watcha doin'?'

'Pinnin' wheel, Mama!'




'Hey Aed, I'll give you a snack if you go lay down on the couch next to your brother!'

'No, LAY on the couch.. like on your tummy..'

'Couldn't you guys at least LOOK at the camera??'

'That's better, but why don't you lay next to him.. it will be cute!'

'Nack, Mama?'

'No, the snack was a bribe and you didn't do what I wanted you to do.'

Surprisingly, he was perfectly ok with that answer :)


So.. about that drooling thing.. Are we doing that already?


Have a good weekend.

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