Sunday, September 04, 2011

So I know it’s been a while..

I have had many things to say, and many things I’ve been thinking about. Things like how crazy it is that my TWO year old is talking up a storm. Like how amazing it is to see how much having one child has prepared me for having another. Like how much I am not looking forward to winter in this country. Like how important it is to have good friends, and what a gift it is when you do. Like how thankful I am that the Lord loves me even when I am unlovable and holds my heart even when it’s breaking.

Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the energy to write about those things. Depending on your view of how leisure time should be spent, you could say I have had the time.. Oh yes. I could have easily written a blog post rather than reading this or that, or looking at Facebook, or eating a peach. But I just don’t have it in me most days. Turns out, we have another screamer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. For those of you who are familiar with our Aed Saga, we have not reached that level. But Asher is on his way to his own saga, for sure. Around 6 weeks he started giving us some trouble, but that’s to be expected around that age. Then rather than getting better, things just kept getting worse. We have been back and forth to several doctors and gotten some different opinions and prescriptions, but so far nothing has changed. We have found many things to be thankful for (most notably, the fact that he has a much sunnier disposition than Aed did, so when he’s feeling ok he’s very, very happy) and many things to be frustrated with, but mostly we’re just hoping we find a solution or that these next few months go by very quickly.

Perhaps on a more energetic day I will go into details about what is happening and our approach to handling it. And hopefully, we will have some more definitive answers in the next few days. But, today is not that day because there are more exciting things to say..

First of all, a certain someone in this house is closer than ever to becoming a doctor! We have submission date that for one of us is too close for comfort, and for the other is a thing to be celebrated even before the deed is done :). We have a lot of thinking and decision-making to do in the next few months about where we will go and what we will do if no job shows itself, and we welcome your prayers for that.

On the kid front, we are having barrels of fun! Somehow Aed grew into a little boy over night. He is sitting at the table in his ‘big boy chair’ with all of the rest of us now..

This was one of the first days.. sometime in mid-July. 
We had a very exciting few weeks as lots of trucks and workers were camping outside our house. They were putting in a new little playground, and our truck-lover was beside himself with all the trucks to see through the window.

We finally caught that mouse..

Edited for your viewing pleasure
These two are still cute as ever..

 And after a haircut, it turns out the biggest one has a mini-me..

 I will post several more updates this week about each kiddo and all of our birthday fun to get us back on track. Until next time..

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  1. Love the photos of your cuties! That transition to little boy is sudden, isn't it? But all the talking is so precious. Sorry to hear about Asher's distress! I sure hope you can find him some relief - and thereby find relief for all. Hang in there.