Friday, August 20, 2010

Add us to the crazy train.

1 car, 2 weeks, 3 world travelers, 5 (I know! Only 5??) servings of ice cream, 8 countries, 10 cities, 126 meals, 1,003 diaper changes (ok, not really) and 3,664 miles later…

We took our 11-month-old feistypants on a two-week European tour. The blog posts that have shown up in the last two weeks were scheduled ahead of time to entertain you while we slipped away to feast our eyes on some far away lands.

It all started when one of our former neighbors offered his flat in Vienna to us if we ever wanted to go. Of course we did! Then we found out we had to do it before he moved there in September. Then we realized that there were a lot of other cities around Vienna that we wanted to see. Then we remembered we had a baby and that makes traveling much more complicated than it used to be.

So. We looked into driving. Turned out we could hire a car for £300 for 15 days, which was only slightly more than the cost of flying just to Vienna, let alone the other cities we wanted to visit. So, well.. we decided to make the most of the trip and made the reservation so we could start planning!

Scotland to Austria.. Can’t be that bad. Mileage is comparable to Indiana to Florida, which we had both done many times before.

It became official. The Church family was road-tripping!

The more we planned, the more we got excited about the sheer number of places we were going to able to see. It was going to be a long drive over through many cities, so we picked a few that had sites we really wanted to see on the way there and back in addition to the ones we’d be visiting for a more substantial amount of time.

In the midst of the trip, on many days it felt like more went wrong than went right. But, on this side of it all, we couldn’t be more grateful and amazed at the number of things we got to see and experience. Not to mention how, though our little feistypants maintained his feistiness, he was such an amazing traveler and such a joy day in and day out.

Over the next week (or however long it takes) I’m going to give an account, chunk by chunk, of our travels. I’ll also throw in some tips should you ever get the bug and decide to take a European road trip, as well as some of Aed’s exciting firsts while we were gone.

Until then, we are taking the rest of this week to recuperate from our ‘vacation’. It seems we don’t know how to really take a relaxing vacation, though we are hoping someday we’ll get to just go somewhere and sit without sensing the beckoning of things to see and do. Someday.. but until then, we’ll be seizing days and trying to stay far, far away from anything with four wheels for a while :)

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  1. Corrie, I thought it was impressive that you were blogging during your trip...but now I am even more impressed that you PREblogged!! You are amazing. Go ahead and recuperate, and when you're refreshed, I can't wait to see your posts about the trip. :-)