Monday, August 02, 2010

11-month Stats

I found this little heart on the beach last week!

Can it be possible that I am Mama to an 11-month-old?

I don’t think it can.

And yet, as usual, when I think back on the last 11 months, I can most certainly believe there have been 11 of them with all that has happened and changed!

Aed is just barrels of fun and exuberance. He most definitely lives with great gusto, deciding what he wants and not letting anything get in his way as he goes for it (unless of course, something actually is in his way, then he loudly complains about it or attempts to climb over it :). We cannot get enough of him and love playing with him each day.

He is growing, growing, growing! He is holding steady in his growth curves, between 50 and 60% for weight and 90 and 95% for height. I can’t believe how big he is getting, but I have to admit sometimes I look at him and still think he is such a little guy. I think I treasure my moments with him more deeply as time goes by and I notice again and again that there is no going back. My days to hold him in my arms are numbered.. To see those tiny toes.. To poke that baby pot belly.. To smell the wisps of freshly washed hair before I lay him down and let him welcome a long night’s rest.

Have I mentioned he is sleeping through the night now? Oh happy day. Happy nights, too :)

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