Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tea Time!

With Babies! :)

Molly and Rowan

We met yet again on the last Monday of July, to join mamas and babies for some good times in the sunshine.

There were only three of us this time around, as summertime is also travel time! But we had plenty of good food and happy babies to keep us busy. Happy babies, plus one big boy.. Jonah is four years old and finally has someone in the group to play with him! :)

As soon as I put Aed down and he noticed Jonah running around, he took off and followed him nonstop until it was time for some food. It was so cute.

Give him another month or two, and Aed will be running right along with you, Jonah!


We lasted for a few hours before all the kiddos were pretty hungry and tired.

So we said our goodbyes and are looking forward to our next reunion, hopefully with all 6 babies back together!

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