Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nomad Count Rises to 8 (not really 11)

At the end of July, we gained three more nomads for a few days. Joy, David, and little Miss Ellie joined us while they had nowhere to live between a visit to the States and a month-long study opportunity in Paris.

Literally just hours after the Sonjus left us, we were joined by the McNeely’s for a few days as they finished up their visit to their old stomping grounds before heading back down to Birmingham. (When you read that, make sure you pronounce it ‘BURmingum’ and not ‘BirmingHAM’ :)

We were also joined briefly by another small family consisting of Andrew, Kendall, and Amelie, but they didn’t actually spend the night, so I’m not sure they can go into our official nomad count. We just harbored their stuff for a couple of days while they slept somewhere else and waited for their temporary flat to become available.

We had a great time hanging out and playing with the kiddos. You’ve seen Miss Ellie before.. She was Aed’s due date buddy (though she did beat him by four days), so they are the same age and are so cute together! We are thinking we might do a joint birthday party at the end of August – so fun! :)

It was quite entertaining to watch them ‘play’ together. This consisted mostly of Aed crawling and climbing on things and Ellie happily spinning in circles on her little tush. Unless, of course, Aed drew near, in which case she began to whimper until someone removed the threat. :) He only occasionally stole a toy from her, and since they ate several meals around the same time, there was some interaction in the high chairs.

When they weren’t eating at the same time though, Aed couldn’t help but try to join in the fun.

Ellie says, ‘Why is he all up in my space trying to steal my cheerios? Where is his mother?!’

Aed says, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to share just one, Ellie? You have so many there, I think you might need a little help..’

Babies playing with babies. Makes my heart smile :)

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  1. Awww, I love it! My heart is smiling, too. :) (Ellie can't wait to see her buddy again soon!!)