Saturday, June 14, 2008

Number of times I’ve been woken up by bagpipes: 1

We stayed out late last night (Oh and by the way, we were out past 1am and when we were walking home, there was still light in the sky over the ocean. It was significant, very visible light, not just the exaggerations of someone who wants to make the amount of light here in the summer time seem crazy.. I mean, that is crazy! We were shocked.. anyway..) and decided to sleep in this morning since neither of us had any activities until 10. The alarm had gone off a few times and we were still snoozin. Then, in my sleepy stupor, I thought I heard bagpipes. At first I thought it was the radio alarm, but they just wouldn’t stop! Then I realized – they’re outside my window!!! So I got up to peek out and there was a little procession going down the street of a police car, a bagpiping band, some people hold flags that said something about the Royal Legion I think, and a whole bunch of elderly women. And they were carrying poppy wreathes which is a sure sign they were headed for the war memorial. I’m not sure what it was for, but I looked up this day in Scottish history and here’s what I found…

June 14 1789 - Whisky distilled from maize was first produced - by a clergyman, the Rev Elijah Craig. He called the new liquor "bourbon" because he lived in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

June 14 1940 - Queen Mary, Aquitania, Empress of Canada, and Empress of Britain arrive in the River Clyde with the first contingent of Australian and New Zealand troops.

June 14 1946 -
John Logie Baird, inventor of the first television, died.

June 14 1966 -
Walter McGowan wins World Fly-weight Championship.

So, I still don’t know what the procession was for, but I was commenting to Ian how much I love living in our apartment here. Since we’re right on the street that leads up to the cathedral, most of the processions and events happen over this way. So, even though we never have any idea what’s going on ahead of time, we can still catch them as they come past our house :)

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