Saturday, June 14, 2008

Number of times I’ve gotten to watch my hubby celebrate another year of his life: 8

The best part of this week so far was the fact that my hubby turned 25 on Monday!!! I had been making plans for quite a while, and much to my delight didn’t have to work on Monday so I got to spend the day with Ian and getting things ready for our celebration. I made him biscuits and gravy for breakfast – his favorite (we managed to completely confuse a few people here who think ‘cookies’ when they hear ‘biscuits’, and gravy like you’d put on mashed potatoes when you say gravy.. they were kind of disgusted.. but we explained..). Then the rest of the day was dedicated to cleaning and… the cookie monster cake! We had to explain ourselves on this one several times as well. Ian has had a cookie monster cake from Concannon’s Bakery in Muncie for as long as he can remember on his birthday. I took over the duties of getting him one after we got married.. but then… we moved to… Scotland! And they don’t have such things at the bakeries here. So, I got to show of my mad baking skeelz and make him on myself (all from scratch.. even the icing.. store bought stuff is just too darn expensive).

So without further ado. Let me introduce you to………

Cookie Monster, Church syle :)

He came out really cute and Ian LOVED it. I also made chex mix for the partay, and we had champagne that an overjoyed customer gave me at work. We had a group of friends over and filled ourselves with goodies and enjoyed discussing things like which sesame street character is our favorite and what Ian is going to do with himself in his 25th year. (I suppose it's really his 26th, but, whatever..)

I am just so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with Ian. In so many ways..


  1. Nice work! Very impressed by those baking skills :) Happy belated birthday, Ian. Hope we get to see y'all while you are up for a visit (next weekend?)


  2. Corrie!!!! You did such a good job on the cake!! I'm so sorry I haven't seen it before now!!! I must say....WOW!!