Saturday, June 14, 2008

Number of times I’ve had my windows cleaned by random Scottish men: 1

Ian and I went out on Wednesday morning to the auction house. We’re looking for some desks to enhance the surface area in our house for our various desky activities. We didn’t really find anything we liked so we left without making any commitments (but it was pretty amazing to hear a Scottish auctioneer). We stopped by Tesco on the way home which delayed our arrival a bit. When we got to our street, we were totally dumbfounded by the fact that there were two men up on ladders cleaning our windows (which were very well covered in giant seagull poo). We were caught off guard enough to stand on the corner for several minutes debating whether or not we should go into our own home which these two men had now had the pleasure of viewing through our open curtains (they saw things like, a thoroughly tornadoed bedroom, a chicken carcass in the kitchen from dinner the night before, and chairs scattered through our living room with one of those giant exercise balls among them – all for very explainable reasons.. but I wasn’t there to explain.. I secretly want to have a spotless house all the time, but I hide it well). We pulled up our britches and decided it’s our house, so we’re going in! And to our relief, they started climbing down their ladders. So, as we walked in we were discussing how this might have come about. I thought maybe it could’ve been Fife Council that does it to keep the city looking nice.. but not without a bill.. Then I thought, ‘they’re not going to send us a BILL are they??’ We decided not to worry about it and just enjoy the clean windows. We’d been wondering for weeks what people do about getting their windows cleaned here because ours were so icky.

The next morning, I asked about it at work.. You know, if it’s normal to have 2 random guys show up to clean your windows with no warning. They said no. So we decided it must be something that our landlord has set up for us. Thanks landlord!

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