Saturday, June 14, 2008

Number of times I’ve enjoyed a game of Ultimate Frisbee: 1… whoa.

Frisbee. It’s the new fun thing in the Church household. We bought one a couple weeks ago as an early birthday present for Ian (he’s been wanting one for a loooooong time) when it was sunny and warm, and had a blast playing on the beach together. Well, now I can’t get enough Frisbee. I’m horrible at throwing it, but every once in a while, I throw it really well and that keeps me going for the next 67 horrible throws. It’s just really nice to have an outside activity that gives us a reason to play on the beach or in the grass. We even played ultimate Frisbee with some friends on the beach last weekend and it was FUN.. That’s never happened before. I always feel like people take ultimate far too seriously, and as I mentioned I can’t throw a Frisbee, so I usually spend the game wishing inwardly with all my might that I was doing something else.

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