Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do we need to make some changes??

A couple things here.

First, I changed our blog. I wanted something summery and I had that great strawberry pic from the fruit farm that is SO beautiful. But, the rest of it, I’m not sure I’m sold on it. The thing is.. I know nothing about html, code, web design, nothing. That is not an area of design I have crossed into because I’m busy enough as it is. BUT, it’s kind of a bummer because I only really know how to change the colors :) So, I think I need some help. Suggestions? Colors, patterns? I don’t know.

Second. Get ready.

I’m thinking about bidding farewell to my cute little nose ring. I don’t know! I mean, I like it, but I’m just not loving it anymore and I keep getting these urges to just take it out. I want to be able to wear it at my own choosing like I can with my earrings, but if I leave it out too long it’s super hard to get back in.. and it hurts. So again.. suggestions? Should I keep it? Is it time to move on? I mean I’ve had it for almost 2 years, but everyone always said, ‘you’ll be such a cute/cool mom with a nose ring’ And, I’m not a mom yet, so maybe I should wait :) (I’m totally laughing at myself right now.. I hope you are too.)

I don’t know.

(Sorry for the melodramatic close up.. I had to get a good one of the nose :)

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