Monday, August 18, 2008

Painting Week 2

Here's the product of last week.. I must say, it kind of surprised me. It's a little out of the ordinary for what I've been doing as of late.

It's based on this thought by Elizabeth Elliott in The Path of Lonliness

"The death of the seed that falls into the ground produces a new cycle of life - the fresh little shoot, the full stalk, the bud, the flower... The fruit dies to allow the seed to fall once again into the ground. The seed dies and there is a new beginning. Nothing is ever wasted. In God's economy, whether He is making a flower or a human soul, nothing ever comes to nothing."

"Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you."
Psalm 63:3


  1. so i just have general comments to make on EVERYTHING because i havent looked at your blog in apparently a really long time...or maybe youve just been superduper updater recently. keep the nose ring. your brother is one cutie-ptootie. happy aniversary. your paintings are awesome - you are SO talented. your night quotes make my day. flaughter is going to be my new choice of face for every photo i take. i love the new blog heading even though you think you dont know what you are doing. i miss you guys. a

  2. she's from around here, you know - used to teach at the seminary. i met her son-in-law a few weeks back. he's a NICE man! :)

    i like the yellow strip... don't know why

  3. leesh - yay, what a great summary! loved it :) we miss you too!

    mandy - I haven't read much Elizabeth Elliott, but every bit I do read seems so genuine and grabs my heart.

    i like the yellow part as well. I think that's my favorite part actually.. that, and the tears around the body at the bottom.. that wasn't initially intentional, but it ended intentional :)