Saturday, August 16, 2008

My husband is a Hero…

We were sitting down chatting a few days ago when all of a sudden Ian says, “You know Corrie… I’m kind of like Peter Petrelli.” After I finished laughing I asked him why he thought that. And he proceeded to explain to me in a ‘Heroes’ context something that we have known for a long time. Ian is a mimic. If he spends any amount of time with a person, he takes on their modes of expression. It may be a gesture, the way they nod their head, the way they say a certain word, or the faces they make during regular conversation.

He proceeded to outline some of the recent things he has been unconsciously (note: he doesn’t do this on purpose) mimicking and then explained how somewhere in his brain, he knows when he’s doing it. And he thinks of the person he got it from.

If you are familiar with ‘Heroes’ at all, I think you’ll agree that there are some definite parallels in this behavior. I mean, I’m seeing great potential for the next ‘Heroes’ character…


  1. gasp.
    drew is the same way. it makes me crazy. we've been hanging around two FUN new seminary students from England. he WON'T STOP speaking in a british accent. thankfully, he doesn't do it when they are around.

  2. yeah, sometimes they drive me crazy, sometimes I don't even notice them. He has this nose squinching one he picked up from a friend.. I have issues with that one..