Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday/Anniversary!!

I completely forgot to mention two momentous occasions that happened while we were in the States! First, Ian celebrated his quarter life crisis back in June with a cookie monster cake, but I got to celebrate my crisis one year BEFORE my quarter life crisis on July 6th! I am officially 24 years old. Every year when I talk to my sister about my birthday I always say ‘I remember when you turned [insert number]! You seemed so OLD!!’ Followed by ‘I just don’t feel that old!’ I am consistently older than I feel. I think that started when I moved into the 20s. I just don’t feel as mature and grown up as a 24 year old should be :)

And, even better, we celebrated our third anniversary! Three whole years! A bunch of people asked us if it felt like it had been three years. I think it does actually. A lot has happened to us in the last three years, and I don’t think that much could’ve happened if we’d be married for less than three years :)

We continually thank the Lord for bringing us together the way He did. For allowing us to love each other so fully, and being able to forgive each other when we have the days when the love is harder to find. Hooray for three years – we’re excited to look ahead to our fourth year and are praying for much growth and goodness!

So here we are.. a quarter lifer and an almost quarter lifer, with three years tucked away together.

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