Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lammas Market

One of the traditions of St Andrews is the Lammas Market. It sounds very mysterious and like it should involve animals, right? Well it turns out it’s just like the county fair, minus the animals, squished into the streets of St Andrews between the hundreds-of-years-old buildings

And it. Is. Crazy!

First they filled Market Street. All those crazy rides everyone with any sense is afraid to get on because they’re being held up with old blocks of wood (not joking!). Trailer after trailer offering you the best chips (fries) or candy floss (cotton candy) you could ever imagine. Announcers promising you you’ll win if you just fork over a few pounds.

I, of course, loved it :) Ian was less than impressed. It is so so so loud, but it just reminded me of home (always read ‘home’ as ‘where I grew up’ in this context, some people are picky about what you should call home. Yes home is Scotland at the moment, but home will always be Indiana.. anyway..). Going to the state fair or the county fair (or any fair that may come along to rural Indiana throughout the year, because if it was close, I probably went to it.. even after I was old enough to make that decision for myself :) I love fairs!) and riding rides that made me pee my pants a little after drinking freshly squeezed lemonade and eating candy and kettle corn. Then getting to peruse all of the tantalizing trinkets to see which beauties I could afford to buy :) And probably screaming about something, causing my parents to wonder why they even try to have family outings. But see, aren’t you glad I have these memories :)

Much to my surprise, Market Street was just the beginning. It expanded to South Street. It looks like we live in a different place altogether! Now, not only are there tons of rides, a ridiculous number of food vendors, and announcers promising you’ll win even if you lose, but there are market tents selling clothes, house wares, backpacks, fabrics, and on and on. It takes me twice as long just to walk to work because it’s so crowded. I have to admit that while I love fairs, I think I’d prefer to not live in them.

It still makes me smile every time I walk through. There are so many people.. the ridiculous teenagers that think not only that they are invincible, but that no one can see them.. the flamboyant ones that look like they probably have relatives in Texas (no offense, Texans).. the poor moms spending pound after pound to create memories like mine for their kiddos.. the kiddos screaming their heads off because they couldn’t have another go..

It’s a crazy mass of experience. And it’s fun :)

We did almost go on the ferris wheel.. until we saw how much it costs...

2 pounds 50! Seriously?!?

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