Friday, June 18, 2010


We made it a whole week wearing only dungarees and pajamas! :) I realized when we got to Wednesday, that Aed had only been wearing overalls thus far for the week, so just for fun, we made it a goal to keep it up!

I think dungarees is way more fun to say than overalls, and it reminds me of dunkaroos which are less than nutritious and also delicious (but maybe not anymore.. I haven’t had them in many years.. do they even still exist?).

(yes he is playing with a diaper.. yes it is clean.. speaking of which, for those of you that are interested, I did send in my diapers from bumgenius that had failing velcro, and they replaced them – super nice and very quick turn around time! Kudos to their customer service!)

Also I am wondering if we have committed a fashion faux pas?

I know you’re not supposed to wear plaid with stripes, but what about plaid with paw prints? Too much? I mean.. I think the Aedster was workin’ it.. :)

(notice anything new here???)

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