Friday, June 25, 2010

I’ve got to admit it’s getting better.. It’s getting better all the time..

(Name that commercial! At least, I think it’s a song from a commercial..)

Our little Aedster is well on his way to being 10 months old! It is so hard to believe we are this close to one year. It’s amazing how it has all flown by. It seems like the more the years pile up in life, the faster they go. I can honestly say that even though it’s hard to believe we’re almost there, it does actually feel like enough has happened to add up to a year! I think having a baby to chart everything week by week, month by month, makes it feel like much has been accomplished.

I thought I’d take a few minutes to just note some of the little things Aed is doing as a 9 month locomotive.

My dearest Aedster,

You are a big boy! As of last Monday you weighed in at 21lbs, 5oz. You’re moving your way up in the weight percentiles, but you don’t look very chubby. This is because you’ve also managed to move your way up in height and are a whopping 31”, which puts you in the 99th percentile! Looks like you’re going to big a big, strong boy just like Daddy :)

You, my little man, are a child that has used every ounce of his being to live up to his name thus far. You’re not always fiery, of course, but you know how to make your wishes clear! You have grown and changed so much in the past nine months, as have Mama and Daddy.

You love to eat with all your heart. You are happiest just after you have woken up and just after you have eaten. Things can go sour very quickly if your tummy is too empty! You eat all kinds of things and like to make sure you get a few bites of what Mama and Daddy are eating, too. You eat with great gusto, never happy unless your mouth is filled to the brim and you grab food to shove it in your mouth faster than Mama can give it to you. You also love your sippy cup and guzzle down water at an alarming pace. Basically, you eat all the livelong day, and we marvel at you for it.

Sometimes if the combination of sleepy and hungry is too much while we’re trying to feed you, it helps when we sing together. The one that works every time is Mama’s rendition of The Little Drummer Boy. Mama discovered this by accident when it was the only thing she could think of one day, and now you just laugh and laugh while she sings it to you when you’re eating.

To help you in your eating frenzies, you are accumulating teeth! You started a few months back with just those two cute little front ones on the bottom. Now though, things are getting crowded in there – four more coming through on the top! You’re getting really good at biting and make all kinds of funny faces as you feel your new teefers.

You are very active (maybe the reason for all that eating!) and are crawling like a maniac now. It was a little overwhelming for you the first few days and you often would just stop in your tracks and cry, but you seem to have gotten the hang of it and love exploring all around the house. Mama and Daddy think they have managed to get all the ‘no-no’s out of your reach, but you still show us new ones now and then.

The hard part about all this crawling is, you would really rather be walking. You love when Mama and Daddy walk you around and get so upset when it’s time to stop. You have managed to pull yourself up on to a few pieces of furniture and even climbed up a step all by yourself this week!

When you find something that looks like it will be fun to play with it, you grab it and flip over on to your back so you can really check it out with both hands. You might shove it in your mouth, babble at it, yell at it, shake it, throw it, or anything else you can think of. If it happens to be clear, you will most certainly look around the room through it.

You have recently learned how to wave, and this seems to be your first trick that Mama and Daddy really want to show off. It is SO cute to see you wave to other people. You’re also a bit of a squinter. Any old time of day, you just start squinting at things to see what they look like through squinty eyes instead of regular eyes. Sometimes this makes Mama and Daddy think you’re choking, but you’re always just playing tricks!

You have become a very good sleeper and still take two naps a day, nice and long on good days. Mama nurses you and sings you to sleep, and then you wake up playing with your paci or the special blanket Miss Joy made for you and crawling around your crib. You are a very curious child. You also love to play with the flashlight. It makes you laugh when it shines on the ceiling.

You are a precious little boy and Mama and Daddy love watching you learn about this great big world. We are so thankful for you and can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

All my love,

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