Monday, June 21, 2010

I spy with my little eye..

Ian’s birthday cards from his recent 27th!

A box of Kleenex to remedy Aed’s (formerly) runny nose

A lovely green sweater with a hole that needs to be sewn

A baby monitor hard at work

A fish tank full of ichy fish, poor wittle babies (at the time of posting there are three fish left of the ten we had.. the three seem to be healthy, but it's been a sad week of flushing)

A box of Cuban cigars

Remnants of Aed’s most recent feeding frenzy

Roses from a friend’s garden

Ian’s lunch for tomorrow

A happy zebra

A patio table/chairs turned dining table/chairs

Ian’s favorite alcohol (hint: it’s kahlua)

A lived in and loved home

Did I miss anything? :)

p.s. Happy Father's Day to my beloved hubbykins yesterday - his first with his baby on the outside! Ian got a most special card made by Aed and I, and a most special dinner (but that was made by only me). He deserves much more, but we celebrate his fatherhood on more days than one, so I figure it all works out. :)

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