Thursday, July 29, 2010

Down the Hatch

Aed eats a lot. A lot a lot.

I think part of this is because he eats a lot of fruits and veggies at this point, and they aren’t particularly filling. But, it’s also because he just eats a lot. I suppose it’s what you should expect from a baby that is not only moving every waking moment, but also has inherited his father’s trait of being a human furnace.


A typical day of intake for Aed goes something like this:

Breakfast: One pear, one plum, mixed together with some baby cereal.

Before lunch snack: Various finger foods – carrot, corn, or tomato puffs, or rice cakes – he can put away like 10 of these in one sitting no problem. Oh, and the puffs are not the little American star puffs, they are good-sized finger foods.

Lunch: Typically he gets a lunch of thawed veggie cubes, but for ease we’ll make this the occasional fruity lunch that he gets. Half of an avocado, Half of a mango, and a whole banana, mixed together. He also loves a sippy cup full of water. Today he got an extra huge strawberry to top off his lunch which met an unfortunate end..

Aed is very enthusiastically tactile. He likes to get things in his hands and squeeze the living daylights out of them :)

Before dinner snack: More finger foods.. He especially likes the ‘rusks’, which are like big biscuits (cookie-shaped). They’re probably 3 inches in diameter and about ½ an inch thick. He will eat two as a snack if I let him, but I usually only give him half of one. :)

Dinner: He usually eats about 13-15 thawed cubes of food, a mix of meat and veggies. I also usually throw in some kind of starchy something, like a few spoonfuls of quinoa or brown rice. He also downs plenty more water. And, he has been known to finish off the first bowl and go back for another 7 or so cubes of food if the first round didn’t satisfy. His current record is 34 cubes of food in one sitting. It was an amazing evening.

To say he has plumped up our grocery bill is putting it lightly :) But we are saving all kinds of moolah by making his food from scratch instead of buying jars of baby food.. especially at his rate of consumption!

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