Saturday, July 10, 2010

His days are numbered…

Ready or not, Aedster is kissing crawling goodbye!

A few weeks ago he wowed us with these mad skeelz..

And this is where we were a few days ago..

We had a little rough patch in there where he was having some trouble sleeping because of all this activity, and though he still isn’t always sleeping, it does not seem to be due to the distress of learning how to use those legs!

We are very excited for him to learn to walk all by himself. At this point we spend most of the day pulling him down from unsteady pieces of furniture (namely the kitchen chairs and trash can) and redirecting him to better ones. Not to mention when he reaches out for our fingers (melts my heart!) and ‘asks’ with his body language for us to walk him around endlessly. He loves ascending and descending the staircase, and we’re working on him doing it by himself (crawling, that is, not upright).

It is so fun to watch him learn how to use his body, and has been really cool to see his development as he has progressed from pulling up to figuring out how to get himself down, from teetering around holding on to our fingers to taking steps all by himself. All in just a couple weeks!

I am blown away every time I think of how much he has accomplished in less than a year.. The first year of life is so busy!

(Though posted by Ian, this entry was written by Corrie.)


  1. WOW!!! We leave for a few weeks and the boy starts walking by himself!! I can't even imagine what he'll be doing next time we see him! :)

  2. this is so stinkin' cute! way to go, aed!!