Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome to our humble abode…

Finally! Some pictures of the inside of our house. Now, let me warn you before we start the tour, I did not clean any of these rooms in any extra fashion for the sake of these pictures. You will see clothes on the back of chairs, stuff on the floor, a big ol’ bag of baby clothes waiting to be given away, etc. This is real life at its finest. I hope you like it :)

First you will come in the front door..

And be greeted by our sunny (on a sunny day, that is), spacious porch. It. Is. Awesome. You might notice that things being awesome will be a theme in this post, because this house is awesome.

After you come in and take off your shoes (the last thing we need is for Aed to be scampering around in animal feces and dead insects!) you might turn around to look at the back of the front door. If you do that, this is what you will see..

‘Oh!’ you exclaim, ‘Look! There’s another door!’

To which I will reply that yes, it is indeed another door that leads out to our lovely garden.

Let me show you..

Follow those steps down and behold!

Our crazy garden! We recently weeded, but it remains a place of close quarters. Our plants like to snuggle.. we’re a home full of love, you know. And also, we have no idea what we’re doing when we go out there. I just pull on things and hope for the best, praying all the way that I’m not ruining anything. I’m thinking those deceased poppies might need to be cut back? I do not know.

Anyway! Back into the house we go, where we find a small area with many doors. The door to the left leads to the kitchen, but it stays closed to keep noise levels down for a sleeping baby, the door in front of us leads to the living room which we will see later, the door to the right of us leads to the laundry room.

Yes a ROOM! Not just a closet! It’s amazing! (or perhaps, awesome!)

Coats are to the left, shoes to the right, and inside is a toilet, sink, washing machine, and drying rack. There’s even a window, so if it’s warm you can throw it open and let all the clothes that didn’t fit on the line outside pretend like they are enjoying those breezes with everyone else!

Then, to the right of the laundry room is the staircase.

This, however is not just any staircase. It’s an AWESOME one! Just kidding, it’s a normal one, but does have a perk..

If you get half way up and find you just really have to go, you can stop in the loo and relieve yourself!

When you get to the top of the stairs, take a breather and admire the old map (not ours) on the landing..

Then notice the closed door.. That door leads to our second (third? Guest? We’ll go with guest.) bedroom. I did not photograph it because it is currently occupied by one of our summer nomads. And, next year it will be permanently occupied by our new roommate! (more on that later, and no, I’m not pregnant) It’s a pretty normal bedroom, maybe twice the size of Aed’s? I don’t know, I’m not good at guessing sizes.

So then you will peek into the bedroom just at the top of the stairs, which belongs to our little stinker.

It’s a tiny little thing (meant to be an office), but fits the essentials in nicely. Notice the heavy curtains.. Baby needs to sleep, yo! Gotta keep it dark in there. Oh, and yes, we did paint it green. We had big plans to paint the whole house, then we painted this one little room and realized that it is expensive and it takes forever. So we stopped.

And this is our little rocking/nursing/snuggling nook..

Actually, that chair bounces more than it rocks, but it does move so we can’t complain.

Then we will move on to the biggie..

Our room.. It's, say it with me, awesome! The view is fabulous, all our windows on that side of the house overlook a big field and wooded area. From our room upstairs you can see the hills at the back of town as well, which are lovely any time of year. Oh, and that contraption under the window is a weightlifting bench.. I didn't want you getting any crazy ideas..

And, get this, there’s another bathroom!

(I know these pics aren't the greatest.. my apologies, but as evidenced by this photo, I was baby-wrangling at the time.)

It’s awesome to have one right in our bedroom. It was really helpful for many reasons when Aed was first born and was in our room with us a lot of the time.

Now that you’ve seen the awesome upstairs, let’s go check out the downstairs, shall we?

First, the living room..

It is a great size and very open.. awesome. You’ll notice Aed has taken over our living room. We’re ok with that. You’ll also notice Ian is pointing upwards. He was explaining to one of our nomads (hi Jon!) why I had just said that I was going to turn on the sun. The light in the living room is exceptionally bright, so we affectionately call it the sun.

If you turn around, you will find something amazing.

The kitchen/dining room!

(Please note the air mattress on the rocking chair.. have I mentioned we are harboring refugees this summer? Also, the rocking chair belongs to some of our other nomads that aren't with us yet.. it's lovely, but not ours or our landord's.)

Now, you are getting the opportunity to see something very rare. Our living room leads into our kitchen. And, see the opening? There’s NO DOOR. This might be the only house in all of Scotland that has two rooms connected without a door. They really like doors here. Really.

If you head into the dining area and turn to the left, you’ll find the awesome kitchen!

Seriously. This kitchen is amazing. It is huge and it is well stocked and it looks nice. Those are all things I never thought my kitchen would be. And, last but not least, the dining area (with my art desk in the background!) from the kitchen. Say hi to the fishies!

So there you have it. That’s our house. It’s amazing, we love it, and there’s no way on earth we deserve it. It has been a wonderful blessing for our family and many others that we have invited in for all kinds of reasons (not the least of which is homelessness! :) We are working hard to be good stewards of this blessing and to use it well. And I’m enjoying this kitchen while I have it! :)


  1. (Can you tell I am catching up on your blog today?) What a beautiful place! Your accolades remind me of how we felt about Meadowside. It's so good to love your home. <3

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