Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What would you do with a drunken sailor?

Ok well, maybe he’s not drunk, but he is a sailor!

Ian has taken up sailing. It’s something he has been considering for a long time, but we had decided not to do it because of the expense. However, for Ian’s birthday one of his fabulous friends decided to take up a collection from anyone willing to give, in order to allow Ian to give sailing a try. I could not believe the thoughtfulness of that gift, and I am probably more thankful than Ian himself that he has been given this great opportunity while we live here.

St Andrews has a sailing club. You become a member and then you participate in a series of lessons before you are signed off as a capable sailor. Once that has happened, you can take out a sailboat on your own whenever you like.

This week will make Ian’s fourth lesson, and he is really enjoying himself :)

Two weeks ago, Aed and I decided to go with Daddy to watch him sail for a bit, even though that meant a late bedtime. Lessons start at 6, so we packed a picnic dinner and hit the beach!

The stroller was our makeshift high chair, and it worked quite well.

But the best was getting out of the stroller to play in the sand.

It took a long time for the sailors to actually get out to the beach, so we occupied ourselves by crawling around, playing with tupperware, and squeezing fistfuls of sand.

Then a few sailboats rolled out. And finally, Daddy came out all dressed up and ready to sail!

We watched him head out to a boat and get some instruction before taking off.

Once everyone was ready, they started pushing the boat out into the water, and there they go!

Mama was admittedly a little jealous of the fun Daddy was getting to have out on the water, but then she looked down at the little sandy toes hanging out of the stroller and remembered she had plenty of fun herself.

So here’s to you our drunken (with happiness) sailor! We’re not going to do anything with you that happens in that song, but we’ll happily cheer you on as the wind fills your sails.

Go Daddy, go!

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