Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Weekend In Review: Written by one who knows nothing for lovers of golf everywhere, My apologies, Part 2

The next day was Friday, our anniversary. I wrote a nice little recap of some of the history of Ian and Corrie, but didn’t mention anything that actually happened on our anniversary. It was all very exciting.

First, I took a leisurely shower while Ian watched Aed and got himself ready to eat lunch. I am meandering down the stairs when I here a strained voice say, ‘Corrie? Can you come down here?’ I think to myself, oh, Aed must be doing something cute, only to find when I walk down the stairs that my husband’s thumb is bleeding profusely and he is asking me to call the hospital.


Not what I was expecting! Turns out he sliced right through his thumb while he was trying to slice cheese for his sandwich. He nearly sliced off a big chunk of the tip (through the nail, even! Every time I think about it I get the willies), but fortunately it managed to hold on. He got all put back together and we headed home. I ran upstairs to go to the bathroom and when I came out I heard, ‘Corrie? Can you come in here please?’ from Aed’s room.


Turns out our little pooper scooper had a mammoth blowout diaper that he trailed across the kitchen and into the living room before Ian caught up with him and got him upstairs. Since my husband had been recently disfigured, I took over and cleaned up the mess.

Happy Anniversary!

Fortunately, that about ended the excitement for the day. We got to go out for a wonderful dinner while one of our nomads (thanks Jon!) stayed home with our sleeping babe. After we had stuffed ourselves silly with food that we didn’t cook on dishes that we weren’t going to have to wash, we decided to head down to the golf course again because, well, why not?

Initially, we were on the outskirts with all these people

Then, someone Ian knew walked by and said, ‘Why are you guys out there, it’s free to be in here!’

After a confusing discussion with an Asian security guard that was not entirely familiar with the English language, I found that, even if it wasn’t allowed (which was still unclear after this conversation), this particular guard did not care if we went in without passes. So we entered the gates with thanksgiving in our hearts and got just a little closer!

We could not find Tiger’s name on the scoreboard, so we asked around to find out if he had finished yet while we watched this guy put

We were in luck! There had been a wind delay and he was still golfing. So, with no hungry baby in tow, we decided to wait until he got there so we could get some pictures, by golly!

One of our friends who has been gone most of the summer was in charge of the gate to the grandstand that sits just above the 18th green. We went over to chat with him and as we were talking he said, ‘hey, why don’t you guys just go on up and take a seat?’

So we did.

And we also took pictures. In a very obvious fashion. Of the amazing sky

And the next golfer that came through

All the while wondering if we were actually allowed to be taking pictures. I didn’t notice anyone else with cameras out, but there were no signs saying we couldn’t take pictures, and no one was telling us to stop, so I figured it was ok.

Then suddenly we heard a LOUD cheer and saw a ball hit the 18th green. It almost rolled right into the hole! Then we heard people yelling Tiger’s name and realized that we had just watched Tiger Woods’ ball almost roll into the hole!

That right there is Tiger Woods’ golf ball that he almost made a hole in one with. You can touch the screen if you want to.

Then he showed up with his compadres and evaluated the situation.

He putted and missed a put that he shouldn’t have missed! And had to mark his ball once again to wait for his turn to finish.

He finished the hole with more support than we had heard the crowd bestow on any other golfer and offered his good sportsmanship to his fellow golfers.

And thus concludes my coverage of the Open. I wish we could have made it out there on Sunday for the final ceremony, but we had more important things to do. Tiger didn’t win anyway, so I wouldn’t have gotten any pictures of anyone famous :) Just kidding Mr. Oosthuizen! You’re famous now too, and I most definitely would have taken your picture if we had been there!

And now, I must confess. All of those pictures I took from the grandstand were ILLEGAL!!! I feel really guilty about it, so I am confessing to the internet. I did not know. I did not know I wasn’t supposed to be taking pictures, and I took pictures, and I am not deleting them. So I guess I am only a little bit sorry. Plus, you really should have told me with a sign or something, am I right?

The end.

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