Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. The day itself was pretty uneventful, I cleaned a little here and there, wasted some time, played with my baby boy.. We took him over to the little park near our house to swing for a while and it was so much fun. He’s so full of giggles sometimes :)

Since Tuesday night is sailing night, I had the house to myself to enjoy leftovers from my birthday dinner on Monday.

We had homemade pizzas with my very favorite salad for dinner, and then raspberry shortcakes for dessert (these are not pictured because we didn't eat them until like 11pm and I forgot to take a picture, but Ian made them all by himself and they were yummy)! It was heavenly.

This salad is Fruit, nuts, greens, and dressing that I never thought I’d like.. I can’t thank the Sonjus enough for sharing the recipe :)

And the pizza!

We LOVE these pizzas SO much. We eat them at least once a week. They are delish (and yes, these are the ones with the crust made with yeast!)

It was an amazing dinner, and then I got to open a fabulously fun present:

The only apron I have ever owned! I love it, and Ian picked it out 100% by himself. I didn’t even show him any that I liked. He’s getting goooood :)

He (and Aed) also got me this book, which is chock full of amazing recipes and ideas.

I am very excited to sit down and thumb through it to pick out new things to try.

I am so blessed to have seen another year through. Life just gets more full all the time, I can hardly find space for it all! Another year of births and deaths, another year of laughter and struggle. I thank the Lord that there is no one I’d rather walk this path with than my husband, and for the joy he has brought us through our son. Life. Is. Good.

POSTSCRIPT! I would be remiss if I didn't also mention my other gifts that I was given so long ago I forgot they were for my birthday :) My mom bought me a beautiful little set of earrings and a necklace - she and Hope are what keeps my jewelry collection going :) And also, as a joint gift for Ian and I, my parents bought us tickets to the Edinburgh Tatoo!! We are very excited, albeit a little nervous about leaving our little Aedster for at least most of the night.. But watch out you crazy pipers, you! We're coming whether you like it or not! :)

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