Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Weekend In Review: Written by one who knows nothing for lovers of golf everywhere, My apologies

The Open! 150 years! It happened!

We walked down to the course on Wednesday afternoon to see what we could see. There was supposed to have been a little game played that afternoon by past Open champions, but alas, it was cancelled due to weather. Can’t imagine why?

So we meandered and hoped we might see someone famous* when I noticed a small gathering of people, so naturally started snapping photos just in case.

*Anytime you see this phrase, you can just assume I’m talking about Tiger because, well, obviously.

As I was snapping, I came across this little booger

He was less than impressed by the whole situation, but managed a little half smile nonetheless.

We started speculating about where Tiger might be staying while he was in town for the Open. Naturally, I assumed he’d be staying somewhere posh and obvious, like the Old Course Hotel. Ian, however, figured he’d be staying somewhere small and out of town to avoid people like me. Then I noticed this little setup..

And I’m pretty sure that’s where he was staying. A great view of the 18th fairway so he could get his game on. (Actually, it turns out that’s where the news people were.. go figure)

Anyway, back to the crowd.. I asked the guy standing next to me why the crowd was there and who those two guys were

He looked down at me (he was tall) with a look of seriously?? and informed me that it was Padraig Harrington and Paul Lawrie, something something something. The rest of what he said is fuzzy, I’m just proud of myself for managing to remember who the two guys were. They were doing some kind of promotion that involved those golf bags and some giant umbrellas they pulled out later, which was rather comical in the wind. I’m sure their photos will be stunning.

About this time, Aed made it clear that he was done with all of this and ready to eat, so we carried on homeward. As we waited to cross the road, I snapped a photo of the big pedestrian crossing they built over the road to avoid holding up traffic. I thought it was cool. It would have been really cool if we could have walked over it, but it only had stairs. So inconsiderate.

Also, say hi to another of our nomads! Hi Hannah! She is gone now and on her way traveling around the UK until she settles in London in a few weeks. We actually acquired another nomad last Friday as well, SeƱor Donald, but I failed to get any photos of him before he left yesterday. Nomad count rises to three for the summer!

Right, back to the golf.

We went out again on Thursday afternoon with much higher hopes of seeing someone famous. Aed was so excited to be attending his first professional sporting event!

There were lots of golfers and just as we got there we spotted someone famous!

Or so we thought. Turned out it was some other guy wearing a very similar shirt to Tiger’s. Sigh. So I kept snapping photos, because you never know, right? And I have no idea who anyone is, so I figured I might get a few famous faces if I stuck with it.

So there’s this guy..

These guys..

I don’t know if this will help..

Look at all the people! This crosswalk across the first and 18th holes was like a river with dams on both sides. The people would crowd and crowd and crowd until the golfers were through, the dams would break, people would flood across, and they’d close them back up again.

So then there was this guy..

And this guy..

Notice the guy in the background is still putting..

Guy in front: marching to the beat of his own drum. Guy in back: Still putting. I hope he made that put.

This guy was getting ready..

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, look what we found!

USA supporters! :)

Here’s an update:

And LOOK! Look who’s on hole 13.. the one we’ve been waiting for. The only face we will recognize..

We consider hanging around til he makes his way to the 18th.

We watch a few more guys..

And then it comes to pass that Aed needs to eat again (sheesh! Always needing to eat!) and so we leave, missing our chance to get a picture of someone famous, but knowing we’ll have another chance tomorrow.

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