Friday, January 15, 2010

Changes in the Weather

On the day we were supposed to leave to come back to the land of the Scots, Indiana was hit with a snowstorm. Fortunately, we made it home with only one small delay in London. We learned on our arrival in the UK, that there have been record amounts of snow and cold in some areas. We learned on our arrival in St Andrews that there have been crazy amounts of snow here too!

We were so excited to wake up our first morning back and find this when we looked out the window..

There is nothing I love more than waking up to a snowy morning.

The flakes were big and beautiful.

It was quiet and peaceful outside.

And the sun even managed to shine.

Most of the snow has melted away now, but I am hopeful that we might get some more :)

Another thing I enjoyed upon our arrival home was the view in my living room.

I was sitting here reflecting on the day for my daily thankful post and looked at the coffee table in front of me.

I was greeted by a tiny pair of shoes.

I smiled to myself and remembered how I had taken some photographs of the first baby clothes I washed way back before we even knew Aed’s name. Every time I struggled to bend down and pull things out of the washing machine, I knew the truth that things were about to change. The baby items piling up in our hallway testified to that, and the fact that I was hanging laundry for a baby made it seem so much more real.

Now that baby is here, and not only do I hang up his laundry, but evidence of him is all over our house.

I looked at the shelf to my left and found this..

His medicine, his (beloved) pacifiers, burp cloths, and the ever necessary chapstick (shhshing really dries out the lips!).

I considered how far we have come. Learning of his reflux and becoming accustomed to giving him medicine three times a day. The pacifiers have come and gone and come again. The burp cloths that are now used far more frequently for slobber than spit up..

Then I looked out in front of me to find more hints of this addition to our lives.

My gaze fell on the hutch where I found all of his sweet little books and his swing.

There is not a part of our lives that remains untouched by Aed’s presence in this family. And as we settle back in to life here in Scotland, we are excited as we anticipate the growth and change this year will bring.

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