Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today I am thankful for a day that was good through and through. It still amazes me each and every time I put Aed to bed and he goes to sleep all by himself. Even if he doesn't go to sleep the first time, the second time never fails.

Today I was amazed that he woke up for the day talking to himself instead of doing his little alley cat whine that he usually does when he wakes up. I was amazed by his patience as I finished some things I was doing after he woke up and didn't feed him right away. I was amazed at how he maintained a joyful disposition EVERY time he was awake.

Today my heart swelled with joy when Daddy came home and immediately grabbed Aed from my hands. He looked him in the eye and said, "Oh I missed you! I think I'm getting kind of attached to you.. Any time I'm away I just sit and look at pictures of you.." and on and on with the sweet talk.. I love seeing them together and I think I might have some serious competition for face time with the Aedster :)

I am just so thankful for the Lord's faithfulness and patience. He gave us so much grace in so many difficult days with Aed and is so forgiving of our selfish, impatient hearts. We are undeserving of the opportunity to parent this little boy, we have known that from the beginning, but we are so grateful that we've been given it.

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