Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He’s my kid too..

Ok, so we all know that Aed looks like Ian and I am not one to argue (and I don't get offended when people say that, either.. I've had several people apologize after they said it!).. It was obvious the moment he was born (which is amazing! Had we been able to see his face in the womb, it would have been obvious then too.. crazy!) that there is a strong resemblance to Daddy. I have had one, maybe two, people comment to me that they think he looks like me (and one of them couldn’t remember what Ian looked like! :).

If you knew me in high school or prior to high school, you probably attended my graduation party that fateful day in the late spring of ’03. At that party, you would have seen a tradition that we began with my sister: taping together the big 8x10” pictures mom had of us from each year of school (and a few before) and hanging them from the mantle over the fireplace. The most common comment my sister got about her pictures was, “You look exactly the same!” The most common comment I got was, “You look completely different!”

I bear very little resemblance to my baby self, and there was quite a bit of change from year to year as I grew up.

So. I decided to have a rummage and find some of my baby pictures while I was at my parents’ house over Christmas and lo and behold – if you add a little chub to his cheeks, I think my kid does look like me! (He totally wins for the ears though.. Where did that kid get such huge ears??)

What do you think?

(Aren’t you glad I labeled it?.. I know it would have been hard to figure out which one was me and which one was Aed.. I’m always lookin’ out for ya..)


  1. Corrie! Either I just discovered your blog, or I totally forgot you had one if I had seen it before...Anyway, Aed is adorable and does look a lot like you! I'll be glad to keep up with you guys.

  2. Yep, he's got a lot of both of his parents in him! But that tongue action is surely a Church trait! Love you and sure do love keeping up with all of you through this blog.

  3. He does look a lot like your baby picture! Fun!

  4. That is pretty impressive, because he does look a lot like you there too. Maybe you and Ian looked a lot alike as babies. Can we see that comparison? I imagine that happens sometimes.