Monday, January 18, 2010

There are so many more moments of joy than there are strife.

I can honestly say that we are enjoying our son far more than we are not enjoying him :)

He is still as confusing as ever, but in a much less screamy way.

Aed is laughing (peek-a-boo and 'mama's.. gonna.. gitchagitchagitchagitcha!!' get good laughs) and squealing all the time and seems to be figuring things out little by little. He opens his mouth in anticipation of each bite when we feed him his cereal, he knows his bedtime routine, he is rolling over every day. We just cannot believe how quickly everything seems to change.

We still don't have his length, but he is officially 15lbs 5oz when all nekkidy. I am thankful that we started cereal when we did with him. He is staying perfectly on his growth curve and we were cleared once again as healthy and happy at baby clinic today!

I am also VERY VERY VERY thankful for the fact that my husband cleans all of Aed's poopy diapers and NEVER complains about it. I did not marry a complainer, that's for sure. (This is especially good, as Aed has pooped every day for the last FOUR.. I think this may be a record! :) Maybe as he's cleaning the diapers, he is considering how I actually cleaned the poo off our baby's behind.. it's a give and take, you know.

I am thankful that we don't seem to have any days that don't hold victories any more. In one area or another, something good always seems to happen. Something that we thank the Lord aloud for.

And you know, even when we have our moments of trouble, I continue to find gratitude in my heart for the opportunities to hold and love on my baby boy. As exciting as it is to see him grow and experience new things, the thought of him growing out of his baby-ness breaks my heart. I am squeezing the life out of every day with him!

He ate a record amount of cereal today.. so MAYBE tomorrow I will be thankful for more sleep! I'm not getting my hopes up though.. I know better than that. :)

Tomorrow you will have the opportunity to decide if my son actually does look like me or not.. won't that be fun??

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