Friday, January 15, 2010

Sorry.. I forgot to be thankful yesterday.

We've been going to bed really late since we got back and I didn't remember til we were already up in bed. And I wasn't about to come back down to post on the blog, so I just stayed in bed and was thankful for warm covers :)

We have made HUGE strides in the Church household in the last few days! With our new strategy for sleeping, Aed had started going down for his first nap with no fuss and going down for bed at night with no fuss.. Well. Today he went down for all his naps but one with NO fuss! Hooray! Every time I put him down, I come downstairs and we just hold our breath waiting for him to start crying, but today we forgot we were even holding our breath until we realized we hadn't heard a peep!

Now if we can just figure out remedies for all his other weird things we'll be good to go :)

Seriously though, it is such a relief to have this small change. We are both so thankful that our little boy is doing so well getting himself to sleep.

Also I am thankful for melty ice cream.

And apples. I love apples.

It is so fun to watch Ian and Aed interact.. it's so funny. And since we got a VIDEO CAMERA for Christmas, maybe I'll try to capture it and share it with you :)

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  1. Yay! He's doing better! I am so glad! May I ask which sleep book it was that offered the helpful advice?