Saturday, January 09, 2010

Well there has been a hiatus!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s and got to spend time with just the right people as life took a break for the norm for a few days (or weeks or months depending on your life!).

We went back to the States on the 14th of December and just got back last night. It was such a blessing for both of us to have some time to step back from life as normal and take a break with family and friends. I am being reminded that my husband knows me well today.. He has been working to get the house back to normal and making dinner and doing all kinds of little things to make the transition back to Scotland easier.. I had forgotten that this is always a hard transition for me to make, but he didn’t forget. I am thankful for him.

I am also thankful for our sweet little babe, who did really well yesterday despite almost 24 hours of travel and disruption (I am also thankful for a long day of travel that went off with only minor glitches but lots of safety and good attitudes!). He had a bit of a breakdown on the third flight yesterday and then in the car on the way home, but they were both short lived. We are certainly looking forward to getting our little guy back to normal and out of the jet lag stage.

Aed had lots of ‘firsts’ while we were in the States that we can’t wait to tell you about, so stay tuned!

(It’s amazing how time changes a person.. Ian and I were both just commenting on how much Aed has changed since this picture was taken just a few days after we arrived in the States!)

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