Saturday, February 20, 2010

Evening: Culinary Exposure

We have hit the road with the solids here in the Church household and are going strong! We decided that since we’re giving Aed cereal several time a day, we might as well start introducing other foods so he’s getting a wider variety of nutrition and taste experiences.

So, I did what any mother would do.. I started feeding my kid a bunch of foods that I think are gross!

We began with sweet potatoes and as you can see, he didn’t even flinch! It was definitely love at first bite and the love has only grown since. I made this video for Daddy, since he couldn't be there for the big event :)

Next we introduced avocados, which were also well received. I quickly learned however that my son is my son, and he is very sensitive to textures. If there are ANY chunks, he promptly spits them out, but usually, we end up with an empty bowl and a happy camper.

He has also tried pears, which are touch and go. He liked the first batch I made, but not so much this second batch.. I think they weren’t quite ripe enough so they are too grainy. He seems to really like apples, and he seems to really hate green beans. I think they’re too lumpy. He also won’t eat bananas. They make him gag. Again, I think it’s the texture. I’m going to try them in the food processor instead of just mashing them to see if I can get them smoother so he’ll eat them. Maybe I just have a lover of veggies! Can’t complain about that :)

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