Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Evning: Sickie

My hubbers is a sickie right now. His froat is sore, and his nose is wunny, and he is coughin, and has a heagache.

He was also groaning all night. He had no idea he was doing it. Every exhale was a groan. I slept in a different room :)

Poor guy.

However. This sickness has lead to some very funny happenings around here. My already absent-minded husband has gotten worse in the fog of a head cold.

Yesterday he was headed to the fridge to get some Sprite. Next thing I know he is telling me he was thinking about how he had to go to the bathroom and proceeded to unzip his pants in front of the refrigerator to take care of this need. Fortunately, he realized his error before it was too late.

Then, I kept thinking I was hearing water running last night. I thought it was the toilet running in the laundry room, but was still hearing it much later. I went in there to investigate and found the tap in the sink running on full blast and HOT. He apparently washed his hands and then left without another thought!

Oh hubby. :)

I also learned that amidst this dazed forgetfulness (without any mind-numbing medications I might add), during his tutorial, he almost began whispering to one of his students. Might not sound funny until you know that this particular student had lost his voice and so had to whisper all of his questions. Apparently, Ian’s mind thought it only appropriate to whisper back.

This might be the funniest Ian has ever been when sick.. Though we will all be much happier when he is better. :)

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