Monday, February 22, 2010

Morning: Month Five: My Salvation

I have always loved our baby. The intensity with which I love him is always growing, but I have always loved him.

As you know, he has made our lives crazy in good ways and in really tough ways. He has brought on sleepless nights and tearful days. He has given us cause for more trips to the hospital here than both of us had combined before his birth. He has amazed us as we have watched him grow and learn about the world he lives in.

Well. Let me tell you. Month number five has changed my life more than any other so far.

Suddenly, my baby can sleep. I wrap him up, sing to him, give him a cuddle (oh I love those cuddles), put him down, leave the room and don’t hear a peep til he is ready to get up. We go through this routine three times a day and, brace yourselves.. there is consistency in the time of day these naps happen! (roughly 8:30, 12:30, and 3:30, if you must know :)

I no longer dread trying to figure out when he is tired and how I’m going to get him to go to sleep.

I no longer have a break down every 2 days because I am so exhausted and tired of hearing my baby scream.

I also no longer eat dairy. I firmly believe this is a factor in the changes we are seeing (though not in my waistline.. turns out you can still bake things that taste veeeery good without using dairy :). I have had suspicions that dairy might be an issue for a while, so several weeks ago I cut it out completely. He sleeps so much better now! And, when I lost track of myself and ate a muffin a few weeks ago and was rewarded with a sleepless night, I was also affirmed that this is probably a real issue for our baby boy. (I don’t know a ton about dairy sensitivity aside from the symptoms of it, but I do know that it is not an intolerance like many adults have, it’s just an inability for their little bodies to process the milk protein, and is something that he should outgrow.)

He is so much happier (though just as intense!) during the day, and is this close to consistently only waking up once to eat during the night.

We are able to do so many more things during the day and spend more time together as a family.

Our little munchkin is such a joy to us and we are SO thankful for him :)

p.s. I realized that our poor, deprived baby boy will never have a 6 month birthday or be able to celebrate his ‘half’ birthday during the year! Being born on August 30th makes your half birthday February 30th and I’m afraid to say, that day doesn’t exist. What’s a boy to do?!


  1. SO glad to hear Aed is doing better and consequently you are all doing better. A schedule is a beautiful thing! :)

  2. Yay Corrie!! I'm so glad that cutting out the milk has helped. Here's to more sleep!