Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Morning: He’s Tricksy, That One

Aed kicks. He kicks a lot.

He is constantly moving. This is part of the reason he is a bottomless pit that eats solids 14 times a day and nurses 67 times a day.

Lately he has begun to rub his heels together as he kicks. This can be because he is happy or because he is angsty or because he is altogether raging at the world. It can also be because I am trying to get his shirt on. Darn shirts.

This particular type of kicking often leads to uncovered tootsies.

Exhibit A

He is always kicking off his socks and shoes! I have tried everything short of duct-taping them to his legs and nothing keeps them on. I just can’t take him anywhere!

In other news..

Apparently in Scotland, dump trucks say..

Brum, brum, brum!

Who knew!?

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