Saturday, February 20, 2010

Morning: Remember when I used to be an artist??

Me too!

I seem to be much more productive when I am doing things for other people rather than myself, which is something I need to work on if I’m ever going to be a consistent artist again!

A friend of mine here just recently had a baby and while she was still preggers, she showed me these little collages she really liked that she thought she might make for the nursery area of their bedroom in their flat.

I never heard anything else about them, so I decided to be sneaky and make them for her, but couldn’t find the original pictures she had shown me, so I made them up!

I hunted around town for some paper and got to work!

I came up with a snail..

A dragonfly..

And a bumblebee!

It was definitely a learning process as I went and got used to the various papers. I had a mishmash of ‘craft’ paper that turned out to be more like printer paper than anything, and different wrapping papers. But I think they came out pretty cute, and I have heard that baby Kate likes to stare at them, so that’s good right? :)

Fortunately I’ve been asked to do a few other projects in the next month or two (including actually finishing what I’ve started for Aed’s room!) so hopefully I’ll busy in my ‘studio’ once again!

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