Monday, February 22, 2010

Evening: Finger Sucker!

(I told you I had lots of pictures to update!)

This kiddo is biting and sucking like crazy! He is constantly drooling and pulling things into his mouth. And, while Hope and Wes were here we discovered two little lumps that will be two little teeth before we know it! (I didn’t even know they were there until Hope pointed them out to me in Bella’s mouth, so I thought I’d check Aed’s and lo and behold, there they were!)

He is often chewing on his hands, but in the last week he has established some favorites.

The first favorite is the thumb of the left hand. (this also often leads to poking himself in the eye)

The second is the pointer and middle fingers of the right hand.

The order and position of the fingers and hands may not be tampered with. There is no variance. He has never sucked his right thumb, nor has he ever sucked those two fingers together on his left hand. Crazy kid!

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